The Real Beauty of Fall

If you’ve ever done a Google search on fall in New York City, the number one must-see item is the colours of the changing leaves of Central Park.

You could definitely make a case for its top-ranking spot.

Central Park is filled with trees, at a density only to be rivalled by its buildings. You’ll see that the leaves go through a remarkable process. It’s like an artist took the green oil paint from her palette, and as each day passes she takes her time to mix in more yellow and red.

The leaves will start out with vibrant summer green shades, and then move onto golden yellow, golden yellow to burnt orange, burnt orange to deep red, before it eventually changes into a russet brown.

There’s a depth and emotional richness that comes through those changing colours, only to be matched by the richness of the city’s inhabitants.

You look around and can’t help but be filled with a joy and wonder.

Sounds beautiful, huh?

Let’s add in the timing of the year and seasonal festivities too.

Summer memories are still at the forefront of your mind. The harsh reality of winter snow hasn’t hit, not yet.

It won’t be long before Halloween is here and then Thanksgiving. Each of those holidays will bring on flavours that dance playfully between sweet and savoury. Pumpkin spice is the key one that comes to everyone’s mind. It’s a truly delicious comfort that warms and opens your heart.

I’ve got to stop you there.

Yes, there are warm days and cooler nights. It’s perfect for going out and experiencing the best that the city has to offer. This includes rooftop bars or even a casual stroll around the vibrant and energetic streets.

You don’t have to be worried about the grossness of constant humidity, or having to put on your winter jacket every time you want to go grab a drink.   

It’s also perfect snuggling weather; it’s not so hot that it’s too sticky to want to have someone in your personal space or so cold that you’re clinging on to your special someone for the night, trying to generate any kind of body warmth possible.

Air conditioning and heating exists, of course. But trying to figure out the exact perfect thermostat, can be annoying for the best of us. Fall allows for you to remove the guess work.

You need to remove those romantic notions and awe-inspiring feelings. Swap it for a healthy dose of reality.

The truth is fall represents a surrendering, a reminder of our own mortality – even the best times in life will come to an end.

Those beautiful leaves? They’re dying. After they change to russet brown, they’ll turn into a crunchy mess and disintegrate into nothing.

But New York does something special.

It reminds us that you can thrive, even when things seem to be coming to an end. The skyscrapers stay strong with an undeniable fortitude.

The people keep living, trying new things and ending up on night time adventures that might end in some random bar down a side street or a friend you didn’t know you needed.

The city doesn’t stop.

It embraces and allows for nature to do her thing – and that, is a beautiful thing.