Just a typical workout?



Workout 3:

A1) Trap Bar Deadlifts, 8 reps in each set. Do 4 sets.

Seems like nothing crazy, right?

Based on previous workouts, I decided to stack 9.5kg on each side. First set was completed with no issues, so increased the weight to 10kg on each side for the next two sets. Completely manageable.

For the last set, I thought I would try 11kg on each side.

But the 1kg plates were just not sliding onto the bar. I thought to myself:

“You know what, why don’t you try for 2kg extra on each side? Worst comes to worst, if you try the first rep and can’t do it, you can always scale down.”

You know how this ends.

I got through the whole set with no issues 🙂

I walked away realising that I had set a new record – all because serendipity stepped in and decided to show me what was possible. And who knows, if I had more sets, maybe I would have lifted even heavier?


That new record was more than just a new personal best. It represented breaking through a long-lasting belief. I often arbitrarily see a certain weight as “heavy” and think to myself: there’s no way you’re that strong.

I discount myself before even trying.

To clear any confusion, it’s not a case of laziness.

I genuinely put effort into my workouts.

But when those levelling up opportunities present themselves, self-doubt often creeps in. I’ll often decide it’s better to stay where I am and not push myself. I play safe. It’s comfortable but I’m not growing as a person.


With this workout in mind, I spent the last couple of days thinking: What other areas of my life did I have self-limiting beliefs? Were they true? What evidence supported them?

It raised more questions than it answered. But I realised this:

Self-limiting beliefs are insidious. They chip away at you. It only gets worse over time. Slowly, but surely. Sometimes you don’t even realise you have these kinds of beliefs till a situation brings them out of you. If you do have any, chances are they are filtering through into other areas. Once you realise just how widespread it can be, you might see just how much of life you may have been holding back on.


Perhaps, I’m the only that has these self-limiting beliefs; beliefs that hold me back and stop me from showing up fully. If so, I’m completely okay with that. I’ll be over here examining my beliefs,  and committing to taking action to overcome them.

But, I’ll wager a guess and say that I’m not the only one.


What areas of you life might you have arbitrary rules about your capabilities?

What self imposed limits have you potentially set for yourself?

Where and who might you be if you didn’t set that for yourself?