I’m done.

I’m done with trying to minimise just how much I love hula hooping. It’s the kind of all-consuming, soul-on-fire passion that some people spend their whole life searching for. Now that I’ve found it, there is no way this hula hooping obsession is going anywhere. It’s just going to get stronger 🙂

I’m done with feeling weird because my dance soul likes the most cheesy and poptastic music.

I’m done with feeling like I need to hide the fact that I pretty much only read self help/personal development type books. I consider myself to be a person that has had great experiences, successes and generally, has a lot going for them in life – I would attribute a lot of it to those books.

I’m done with saving my favourite clothes for special occasions.

I’m done with settling and not going after what I want in terms of a career. I know I deserve something great and am capable of getting it.

I’m done with feeling uncool about being a morning person who prefers to get to bed early, watch the sunrise and spend the day working on my goals.

I’m done spending time with people out of obligation. I want to spend time with people because they make me smile, lift my spirit, inspire me and make me feel that being who I am is the greatest thing on earth.

I’m done with giving up on my gym practices, physique goals or way of eating because it makes other people feel bad or guilty about their choices. I’m doing this for me – how other people react is not my problem.

I’m done with feeling like it’s wrong or weird to feel emotions so deeply that I can be easily moved to tears. Deep emotions are also the birthplace of kindness, creativity, resilience and courage. If you’ve ever admired those kinds of positive traits in me, then know that to truly feel emotions and live wholeheartedly you can’t selectively pick to only feel the good things. Sometimes feeling deeply isn’t always positive; sometimes its tears, hurt and sadness (thank you Brene Brown for this insight)

I’m done with not speaking my inner truth. I have a lot to share, and a life that means something.

What this really means?

I won’t be emotionally exhausted.

I won’t be playing small or settling.

I won’t feel constantly nervous, embarrassed or worried about what other people think.

Most of all, it means I get to live the life that I have always dreamed of and wanted – a life of fullness, integrity and passion.