Changing The World

I’ve always wanted to change the world.

And when I say always, I mean my whole entire life. Since childhood, I held a deep conviction that I was going to change the world. I didn’t know how or what it was going to be, I just knew it was going to do something great. The idea was so entrenched in me it’s like believing that a child is going to learn to walk or talk – it felt completely normal and believable.

In my head I imagined this idea would be something like a new product, service, or initiative. I assumed it would “just come to me” – it was just a matter of time. I had even sat down and had specific brainstorming sessions but nothing ever came to me.

So in hindsight, it shouldn’t have surprised me that in the middle of a coaching call I blurted out to my coach that I needed a new project. It was the pull for “changing the world idea to come to fruition” that had arisen again.

She questioned – aren’t you doing your body transformation programme? Your personal blog? Aren’t those projects? I firmly exclaimed they were not, “those are just what I do and no big deal.”

All my life, it has been normal to have a full schedule: working on myself, physical activities, creative projects and volunteering for different causes. They are fun and I love doing them. But they weren’t the type of project I was looking for. To me, doing those things seemed selfish, because while it made me happy, that certainly didn’t seem to cause any big changes or impact in the world.

And then it hit me.

Maybe I was missing the point.

Maybe I am THE big project that I was looking – to just live my life to the fullest and to be the best version of myself.

It took me a couple of days to process this. I was disappointed to say the least. Its always hard to let go of an idea that you’ve been attached to for so long, and some of the below thoughts started running through my head.

I waited 28 years for my “big idea” and this was it?
A life that seems so “ordinary”?
There is no grandiose vision of mission statement?
How is this going to change the world?

But then I took a step back from those thoughts and thought about my whole life. I realised that while it may seem ordinary my combination of experiences, interests, talents and characteristics, I might just be able to make something special of my life for me.

With this project I get to “do me” on my own terms. I can even hold strategy sessions, implement new projects (aka all the little things I do), review and tweak. Sounds pretty ideal and kind of nerdy, but I absolutely love it 🙂

It might not change the world or impact lives in the way I originally wanted, but I get to change my world and I think thats amazing.